Monday, April 5, 2010

Funday Monday

I feel like I am in a funhouse at a carnival....what a wild ride today!
Lots of great stuff happened after the morning rain left and the wind blew open the blue blue sky.

I have a line of kids clothes...I have been making handmade kids items for the last few years.
I call is The Bird & The Bean I have a site and a blog and an Etsy Shop.
It keeps me busy when I need things to maintain their speed of utter chaos.

Today I got a little email telling me that an ecowise tee that I make is being featured on Etsy's The Storque.
It is kind of a big give you an idea of the exposure that this one item has received...the picture had been looked at a little over 100 times before the story broke of now 9:30ish pm it has been viewed almost 500 times!!

Here is the super great write up on Eco ideas for kids
Sweetbeets AKA Lisa Zuraw (the author) has some seriously classy letterpress cards in her shop.
SweetBeets also wrote about the article on her BEAUTIFUL blog ModEcoKids!!
I am very thankful for the coverage and the interest in my little clothes.

I updated my sites as quickly as I could after this broke and posted more items to sell, maybe I will get a mailbox full of orders soon. Plus the more clothes I sell the bigger the donation to KIVA!
A great day for the kids clothes.

After work, (machine shop) I went to the COOP gallery I am part of to hear all about the upcoming May show, enter a lottery to find out where my work will hang and hear about all the art events that are coming to the lovely towns of Carpinteria and Summerland.
My name was pulled from a bag to be one of two people to show in a little gallery in Carpintera! WOW
(I bought a lottery ticket tonight, I need to buy some frames)
Plus I am also showing in Summerland and Ojai and Santa Barbara too!!
On the way home, I had a panic attack and tried to breathe in light of all the work that I need to get out the door by the end of the month!

So here I sit writing all the due dates in my calendar, monies due where and when and calculating hours in each day to do all the required tasks.

Send in the Clowns!!!!

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