Monday, April 19, 2010

Big day of nothing

One of my two pieces in the foreground at the Earth & Sky exhibit.
"Signal" digital C-print 2009

I stayed home today to wait for a package to be delivered. It also gave me a chnace to get a little much needed sleep, and I slept till 9am....way way way late for me. Every effort to get out of bed before then was like fighting thru a sleeping pill.
I did a lot of nothing today...far from what I had planned when I layed down the night before.
How is it that it all seems possible the night before when you are planning it out in your head and when the sun comes up the next day it all seems scattered to the winds?
frustrating indeed.
so I swept the floors.
My other work being looked at
" My tears made it hard to see" digital C-print, 2009

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