Saturday, April 3, 2010

Big Tired

Cat club mat for the patio
" Only cats club there, meow"

It was a success, I slept in 2 hours intervals most of the night and thank goodness 6:30am arrived as early as it did or I might have gotten three hours of sleep in a row!
I can't help myself, I wake to check on her all night is an auto alarm in my mind.

She awoke "starving" and we were quick to make sure she was fed.

"the Spring Chicken/Easter Bunnie left a surprise in a basket at the door"
100% Uncles idea

1st request, Strawberry Awfuls, we call them this at her urging....Uncle makes them and they are REALLY good...but seeing that we were up two hours before Farmers Market rings the bell, we had to make due with the blueberries that were in the freezer. Good thinking Uncle!
Blueberry Awfuls...mmmmmmm

Mastering the combo lock on the gate

After breakfast we headed out for some manual labor at the garden...once again she ran the show and seeing that we were mostly zombie at this point we did as was requested.

Helping turn soil

Watering Auntie M's winter green jungle

Working up a sweat we headed out for our morning smoothie at 10 am and seeing it had been three hours since she had eaten who are we to deny her brain food.
I mean she has a lot more questions and we have to think of all the answers for them!

Now that she is headed home, and the cats have extracted themselves from under the bed...I miss my name being called every 10 seconds.

Wax resist colored eggs

When is the next school break?

smore making "urban style"

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