Thursday, April 22, 2010

Drunken Sailor

Art geek alert

8ply mat cutter

I am a traditional artist.
I know how to cut mats, frame images, burnish plates, develop film, print proofs, mix chemicals
hands-on is my training and my motto.
I have a problem deligating responsiblity...just ask former supervisors!
(I am my own boss now)

So I am gathering tools...great fun tools!
Hell you only live this life once right?!
For many years I have cut my own mats for my work.
When it was time to buy a mat cutter of my own, I saved for a month...and at the minimum wage I was paid back took a great deal of effort.
I use it so much that it has paid for itself times over.

Well Logan just came out with a new 8 play mat cutter.
For those of you in the know, you know what I am excited about. For all the rest of the people who don't live in my house...8 ply could only be cut commerically before now (literal translation= $$$)
Now I can cut them at home! Museum grade thick mats, professional thickness...
I am such a geek., and a happy one at that, it is en route to me now.

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