Wednesday, November 4, 2009

He Is Kind Of A Big Deal! Day 4 of NaBloPoMo

I am using todays post to salute my is his birthday.

On the day he was born I was staying with my Grandmother and Grandfather while my parents brought my brother into this world (the doctor was stuck in traffic), apparently there was a deal that they would tell me if I had a brother or sister before anyone else. I really don't remember this deal, but I will go with it.
When the phone rang I was sitting on a floral rug in my grandparents den, eating a goobers pb & j, watching my favorite show...Gumby.
My grandmother called me over and I held the phone to my ear to hear my father say "you have a little brother"
I said alright and hung up the father had to call back to give my grandmother the details.

My brother was and is someone I am so very proud of, he can make the world turn as far as I am concerned. He is smart, and compassionate, wickedly funny and a troublemaker.
When we were younger he was my scapegoat and my partner in crime. Now as adults he has become a wonderful friend and I feel extra lucky everyday to know him.

My brother was born when I was 4.5years old. I have one memory before he was born.

Begining the day he was born, I start remembering all sorts of stuff with vivid details.
It is like my brother turned on the lights!

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