Tuesday, November 17, 2009

day 17...I have fallen but I am getting back up!

OK OK I messed up and forgot to post on Sunday and then last night I was suppose to post about Sunday...
Well I am gonna give it a try again:
Day 17 offers new hopes for my month of blogging!

Sunday was a lot of bouncing...and sugar

It was a celebration of my nephews 2nd time around the sun!
I am so lucky that I get to make the birthday cake...it makes my heart full and happy.
plus when I see this It makes all the world stop and laugh!

blue teeth, red teeth, fingers....clothes.
It was a lot of fun and I spent a good bit of time bouncing in the huge bouncy house in the middle of the back lawn with squeeling skreeching little clowns!
I was a little deaf and rattled by the end of the party.
So that brings me to yesterday.
I had also spent all of Saturday printing.
I set a goal to submit again to the LAPS (Los Angeles Printmakers Society), the process means you submit work to a jury that reviews (only two times a year) it and decides if you are really a printmaker. I was given a lovely,rejection letter eariler this year telling me that they did not see enough "hand of the artist" in my solarplates. I was hurt, but I got off the pity party train and submitted again. This time I entered new work, in different printmaking styles:

a collagraph called "sweet pea"

a linocut called "Harriet & Rae"

and a solarplate with chine colle
called "Searching For "

Hopefully I will get a different letter in the mail.
Now I am off to start sewing....Thanksgiving is around the corner and I have things to do!

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