Saturday, November 21, 2009

21st..You like me, you really like me!!

As some of you know, I have submitted to a very prestigious printmaking group in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Printmakers Society (LAPS), is a very well respected printmakers society that considers new membership twice a year.

I submitted earlier this year, but was not accepted (you can view the gritty details HERE).

Keeping their comments in mind and talking with a dear friend and art mentor,Nicole Strasburg, I created a new strategy and submitted again.

I received a call Saturday afternoon from the press that is hosting the jurors...needless to say my heart sank...
"I am sorry to tell you but your disc is unreadable"
I started by saying I was so very sorry and apologized for this. Then came the tech details and my offer to drive down my submission, or email it.
I was asked if I had a website, and on seeing it (while still on the phone with me) he asked if I had submitted before, he remembered my work!

I was given instructions about emailing the files and calling back.

I called back and was greeted with a "cancel that order...(pause) we got your email and you got an immediate thumbs up."

I think I said thank you a million times, I thanked him, the jurors, the chance, the phone call; in fact I said thank you so many times he started to laugh and ended the call by saying "congratulations"

So ladies and gentlemen, meet the newest artist member of the Los Angeles Printmakers Society!!
My submission is viewable here:

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