Saturday, November 28, 2009

28th- I ran back home

We are not one for crowds or congestion or wackadoodle people.
Weekends often involve a trip to FRY's I go when I feel like I need some good people watching... and boy did I hit the motherload when we made a trip to FRY's electronics, post thanksgiving.
I needed to replace my ink cartridge and hubby wanted to look at stuff.

It took a while to find parking, but it was alright, then the police car outside, and the line that exceeded the space for the registers. These did not scare us off.

...past the front turnstile into the approaching toddler who was screaming at the top of their lungs because they were trapped in the shopping cart, no we didn't turn back then....onto the first isle of random things.

A Hannah Montana lamp that did things we could not figure was purple, it caught our attention.

Then onto the next isle...the isle of things that all look the same to me, the untrained tech eye...I am sure they are all very different diodes* and transistors and things...but they all look the same. It must be a total bitch to restock.

Note* I use to work at Dow electronics many moons ago, so I know a thing or two about diodes.

Past the motherboards and onto the game section, I glaze over at this point as I am not a gamer, but live with one and so after many years I have learned to not try and pick out games for him any longer, as my tastes are clearly different:
" Mini Ninjas?...ummm NO"

So I watch the some kid play Rockband/Guitar hero ( I can still not tell the difference)
while hubby sifts thru the new releases.

Then it is time to look at monitors and keyboards and processors....we do the same loop every visit.

Then the quick look at the ink cartridges and realize I could get a new printer for the price of the replacement ink for my current one!! ...still can't rationalize the price, we move on.
Then the TV's and the cameras and then I see this.....

I was actually concerned for a moment that it was real...but I am in an unreal place and this is just the kind of thing that makes sense...this paired with a candy bar.

I stood there staring at it for a while wondering, is the vampire thing that big that you need to feel like you are drinking it straight from the blood bank? I simply turned and looked at hubby, who didn't know what to say about it.

He took my hand and said, "you ready?" ...all I could say was " OH YEAH, I think I have enough to process for today"

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