Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 9-Dinner

Tonight's dinner: Tomato soup with pasta and spinached* veggies
* Spinached veggies are veggies surrounded by tons of spinach, my invention

I wasn't one that took to cooking, in fact I didn't know how to cook pretty much anything until well after meeting my husband.
I was of the belief that society had placed particular assumtions on women and I was not going to bow to those preconceived notions of what my interests or responsiblities should be. So....I ate a lot of take out and whatever my parents made for dinner.
My brother on the other hand took to my mom's instructions on cooking and sewing and can make a pie from scratch without hesitation and redo the interior of a car!

One my first date with my sweetie, he made us breakfast...and I was amazed and convinced that I would not starve! I could hang out with this guy. It was not until we were together for a good bit of time that he said      " you know, you might find cooking fun. I do not expect you to cook for us...but you might get some pleasure from creating with food" 

With that, I made a stir fry with the supportive audience of a smiling boyfriend.
I now really do like cooking, and baking and making gingerbread houses....but I still don't like the cleaning up afterwards part.

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