Thursday, November 19, 2009

19th...Due date day

I could not stop thinking about my submission to the fact the USPS made sure it was on my mind way more then I wanted it to be.
I mailed the submission on Monday with the assumption that it would arrive overnight as normal. Well you know what they say about assumptions...
Boy did it make me feel like ass...

According to the USPS tracking sat in never-never land for a whole day and then materialized in Los Angeles for half a day, then half a day in Santa Monica...before finally getting delivered today.
****ON THE DUE DATE...the last day.*********
urhg I think I need an antacid or something.

So it is there.
I have to ween myself off the thoughts of it is totally out of my hands.

Here is what my workspace looked like in the middle of it all:

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