Wednesday, November 18, 2009

18th day of November

I got a cryptic message two weekends ago to join a friend for cake.
She was bringing it, but I was to bring a fork.

Hello, no need to ask twice.
I am always happy to help a friend.

This was the cake, the swirling around the cake was how I saw it....all else went blurry when in the presence of this CAKE. Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream frosting, raspberry topping and filling.
Two layers and big enough to serve 20!

the cake was in honor of a dear new friend and local SUPERSTAR!!
She can easily be recognized by her sparkles, grace and beauty.
Plus she strikes this pose when spotted.
We (there were three of us) took on to the task of eating the cake and overdosing on sugar.
I was the first to fold. One piece complete with ice cream had be begging for mercy.
The Superstar and her like minded cake eating accomplice went for a second piece!

Many giggles, and spoonfuls later, we shared tummy aches and the quiet that only a sugar overload can provide.

All in all I am impressed, three people took out almost half the cake...
I think I will be dreaming of buttercream for the next day or two.
What a great way to celebrate being a grown up and eating cake for dinner!

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