Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mother Nature

I am a BIG fan of Mother Nature.
I love that we can do nothing in her face.
Hurricanes, tornado's, earthquakes, fires, floods....she knows how to make herself be seen.
Living in California for almost all of my life, I have become acquainted with this feeling of "smallness".
When my husband was traveling to the Midwest, I was terrified of the tornado's....he saw one coming even, heard the warning sirens....I was terrified. Heck they have a tornado season!
Being from California, I have never experienced a tornado but they seem really scary.

Fires, fires are what scare me the most living where I do. My husband explained this to his Midwest friends, but they were most afraid of the earthquakes.

Now in the middle of another fire in my hometown, calling friends and offering floorspace...I find that fire is scary. It triggers that flight mechanism that is so ingrained in us all. The bunny fleeing the burning woods...
everything you know reduced to ashes, gone forever.
The idea of finding what is really important to you? You have your animal companions, yourself and your spouse....what now?
Which photos...which art...how much time do I have? I know I am forgetting something.
As a family historian and self proclaimed pack rat...these decisions could send me into the looney bin.
I am thinking of dear friends and family that are making those decisions tonight, hopeful that they will make the right choices and still have a home to back to.

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