Thursday, May 21, 2009

Opening Night at Westmont

Tonight the Views and Visions: Interior Space exhibit opened at Westmont Colleges' Reynolds Gallery.

There was a good turnout and a who's who of Artists from the Santa Barbara Area:
Rita Coulter, Dug Uyesaka, Patricia Childlaw, Sui Zimmerman, Colin Gray...just to name a few.

Awards were made from Honorable Mention to Best of Show.

The Best of Show went to Dane Goodman for his triptych of acrylics on cloth handkerchiefs

Dane Goodman info:

It was an interesting piece and although it was placed in the corner of the gallery it did receive a lot of interest and attention.

I was placed a bit low for my taste, as most people had to bend down to see the work*

*(the person bending over is looking at my work)

Colin Gray's work are the black and white pieces at far right side

I tried to not feel like my work was an after thought, but it's placement upset a few of the people that came to see my work. I was happy to see that people made an effort to look at it.

The piece in the upper right is a felted wool faucet top and was pretty interesting.

It was announced that over 250 entries were submitted and 50 pieces were was a diverse collection of works, painting, assemblage, paintings, printing and drawings.

It felt funny taking pictures of the show, but for those who were not able to attend I wanted you to see the work.

These are a few of my pics for highlights from the show:

Rica Coulter- SB Printmaker

Hillary Brace :

Betsy Quinn-fellow inkspotter

Dug Uyesaka (center top) and Karen L Brown( fellow Inkspot, Right)

I totally fell in love with this "nest" of sorts by Martha Day

All in all it was a great exhibit and I am glad I am part of the select few that were chosen.

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