Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stacie Logue a naturally creative person

So a good friend at the studio is in the middle of her first solo show:
Through the Window: New Works by Stacie Logue

Here is her personal website:
Stacie Logue
Stop by if you are in the area, the show is open for another two weeks ...or check out her sites and see what she is making!!
She had a "meet the artist" today, this is a chance for people visiting the gallery after opening night to still meet the artist and ask questions about the art or the process.

I admire Stacie for putting it all out there....her show is a great personal expression of who she is and she displayed it in an unusual way which I think turned out great!

We went to the opening last weekend and there was a super crowd, not only is she a painter, but a ceramic artist too. I had eyed a few pieces at the opening, as I am a sucker for ceramics...

I made mental notes and played my usual game of "if I think about it after I leave here, then I should go back and get it." Sometimes this works for me, sometimes I miss out.

Well in this case it was a cat head, well, more like a mounted head that she had made. I couldn't get it out of my head!

Luckily when I contacted Stacie about it, it was still available. Whew...
Today I picked it up and much to my surprise there was another that just made sense to get!
We have two cats at home and they are kind enough to let us live in the home too.
So as a gift of thanks to them, I got them art for their "dining room".

I think it is a bit uncanny how much these look like our boys at could I resist!

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