Monday, May 18, 2009

Work on display

I submitted to a juried show in Santa Barbara.

I figured it was a long shot and have not had good luck as of late getting work into juried competitions, but when has that stopped me. Heck if I am going to be rejected, I might as well be rejected from some of the finest places right!

The juror is Elyse Gonzales, curator of exhibitions at the University Art Museum.
I tried to do some research on what she might find interesting...
According the the local Independent newspaper, "her background working with such hip young art stars as the extraordinary drafts person, colorist, and Henry Darger disciple Amy Cutler and the Flickr phenomenon Zoe Strauss bodes well for the contemporary arts at UCSB’s museum"

I was swimming in the I went with my gut.

The theme was interior spaces: physical, biological, was a great chance to show things I had not. Including work from my developing Infertility Series.

I submitted work for not only myself, but two fellow printmakers too. All in, 12 pieces were submitted between the three of us and 4 were accepted!

"It settled in so deeply" was accepted and I am over the moon!

Opening reception is this Thursday night from 4-6pm at the Reynolds Gallery @ Westmont college.

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Stacie said...

Good job! Your work is awesome. I can't imagine anything of yours not getting into a show. Entering juried shows is not for the faint of heart! ttfn!


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