Friday, May 17, 2013

Here I am

Here I am.
I know it has been quiet around these parts...
well after my birthday and NIAW I was spent.
So I took a little bit to rest a spell, so to speak.

So I went to the opening of CONFLUENCE last night.
I have work in shows in both Los Angeles and Santa Barbara opening on the same night!
How very continental....swanky indeed.
I had to decide which to attend, and found that it was far more realistic to attend the SB event!
Hard decisions, I know
The Juror Peter Frank was there, and very gracious with explaining how he selected the exhibition.
Explaining the difference between juroring a show and curating a show.
He said being a juror is far more suited for the lazy.
Curators seek out work that connects, jurors simply build a show with work provided.
He had 547+ works submitted and took this monumental task t
o reduce the exhibition down to 43 works, 43 artists!
Amazing odds!
I am over the moon to be part of this BEAUTIFUL exhibition:
(click on any image for a larger view)

The entrance to the museum it was a popular exhibition!


Nicole Strasburg's painting
Amazing seed pod covered in moss, broken china saucers and fur
by award winning artist: Luis Velazquez


Juror Peter Frank explaining his process
next him him award winner Peter Zaleski's painting
My piece between the work of Patrica Clarke and Jeffery Stone

Rosemarie Gebhart on the left and a sweet little painting by Nancy Taliaferro

me and my work, and my name is spelt right!

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