Thursday, May 23, 2013

Friday is for Fancy Feet

When I was growing up my mother insisted that I not wear heeled shoes,
not even for play dress up
Her reason was that they would "ruin my arches"
So imagine my surprise when in high school,  while getting ready for prom I was told I could get
heels to wear with my floor length dress.
2.5inches off the ground and I was a baby giraffe for the week before,
 practicing, and trying to not break my ankles or walk like a truck driver
Now, when I see fancy footwear in the store,
I try them on.
 It is my personal rebellion, a grown up version of my repressed dress-up.
On a recent wander through a retail store I was distracted by sparkle!
I did some impressive yoga moves to get these pictures, I am just saying
So here is what they had on sale for $4 each on the super bargain discount shelf:
soooooooooo much glitter and sequins
I was tempted to get them just to source the sequins and glitter off of them!

this one had chicken feathers and a brooch on the toe!
ohh la la

Sparkle rhinestones,
all around, and the toes didn't even touch the ground

A little Lady Gaga meets Elton John circa 1972
Gold glitter with spikes around the heel
I like how blingy it is in this picture

Even with the super sale and the hypnotic state I was left in from all the glitter and sequins, I left the shoes at the store; because after all was said in done, my mother was right.
The shoes hurt and made my feet feel funny.

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