Friday, February 19, 2010

Fashion, turn to the left....

Yeah I love fashion, I don't love the image of woman that is being shown as the norm as of late. I can not open a mag and identify with a skeleton in clothes...or the 12 year olds being used to portray women, in these magazines or on the runway. Designers change your sample size from a size zero to a size 10 or something! But I love fashion the running performance art piece that is fabric and vision and art!

I came across a blog about 6 months ago written by Tavi Gevinson, a teenager who LOVES fashion I read her posts I was totally blow away.
Tavi Gevinson is amazingly fun to read, a true lady of independent thoughts and feelings. Her blog is hysterical and her insights are a great cross between geeky teenager and the Hapers Bazaar freelance writer that she is!
She is currently attending Fashion week and is loading pics of her favs as well as showing up in fashion mags herself! She has quite a style of her own and it now rubbing shoulders with all the designers she so loves!
Hats off to you young remind us all to keep our heads down and do what you love!!

I can not say that at 12 or 13 I was as articulate about my interest in clothes and looking cool, I like many my age...I spent time studying the "cool kids" and seeing what they wore, trying to dress like them was short lived for me and my style burst out and all over the floor of my room and blew open the doors of many a vintage shop. This lead to me being teased about my "sense of style" or lack there of it, by many....but hey kids will be kids. Some of us just do it better!

Decorate yourself!!

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