Friday, February 12, 2010

Sweet little nothings....

Valentines day....I had a few decades where it was a really sucky holiday.
Crappy boys, crappy memories, heartbreak, stomachaches...crappy times...but then I started working on seeing things differently and it started to shift.

I think the meaning of life is simple....LOVE. I know it sounds sort of hallmarky...but I think that if we all found a deep wonderful love (and it can be in anywhere; a person, a job, a path) that we would find happiness and want that goodness for all other beings. A sense of compassion, and empathy.

So I do my part to try and put that out into the simple way at a time.
This year it is a potato print valentine...I got a great sense of calm making these in the middle of the chaos of my daily life.
Today I carried my little bag filled with Valentines with me everywhere and handed out homemade valentines where I saw fit. I felt like I was in school again, except this time I had so many valentines in my bag I could give them away and make everyone feel loved and seen.

Be that little bird, go do that sweet little there is a lot of chocolate round about now.

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