Thursday, February 4, 2010

And the nominees are....

Local gallery owner Sylvia White is holding a "Be A Saint" Art Auction to benefit local Ventura artists and give away a $1000 art grant to a randomly selected artist that is in the show. The call went out two weeks ago, only Ventura Artists (living or working in Ventura) could apply. The grant is to be awarded and spent within city limits. Great idea!!

Over 280 "quality applications" were submitted of which 35 artists were selected for the Auction. I submitted work along with a lot of my fellow are the images that made it.

Although I am not among them, fellow Inkspot member Ginny Furmanski is!
Ginny is very deserving of this honor and I have my fingers crossed that she will do great things should she win the grant!

If you have the funds, check out this unique Art Auction and help support the arts!
Here is a link to the gallery and the fundraiser

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