Saturday, September 5, 2009


This is the countdown to the show...I have two pieces left to frame. We hang on Tuesday!
I cut my own mats and frame my own least for now, as I am such a control freak about it. Maybe it is simply to extend the process of letting go.... either way I keep the work in my hands for as long as I can, then I throw it out to the winds of the world!
My beloved felines have been constant companions thru these last weeks, even up until 3am with me. What troopers!
Today as I was framing and mounting work, Xander took refuge in his favorite "invisible spot" and it struck me as funny and it helped me take stock in how I am feeling.
I am excited but a little scared too.
As for Theo, he has been a constant at the framing table, making sure I was aware of all the little items that could be pulled onto the floor and batted around, what a great helper!
Mostly, I am reminded that this is exciting and that I need to take a breath and simply enjoy the ride.

My work is made, I am happy with it...that is all I have at the end of the day. Knowing that I worked hard on each piece and that it means something to me. Hopefully the person who chooses it for themselves (hint hint) will love it too and it will mean something to them as well.

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