Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rounding the corner....

My recent activities have allowed me to step away from my work for a little bit and let it settle down in my head. I needed this sifting to occur, as I am now able to sort which works will be shown and what will be seen another time.

I have spent time with my niece before she started kindergarten, had a couple of days with my goddaughter, spent a few days out with some longtime friends, and I have attended a Master gardener workshop:

I can say I am in the home stretch of preparations...frames are in the house and the mat board is here, now the labor. Cutting mats and framing the work, I actually love this part....all the work is done and the final look is about to be assembled.

My new cyanotypes are large and are my newest love...they are the second part of the theme. These lovelies will be displayed in the studio area of Gallery 255, meaning you will have to seek them out!
I have yet to mention what this theme is, but that will be revealed in the next day or so...
I love surprises, don't you?

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