Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Currently printing new work!!

I have been quietly and slowly printing work at home these days.
My lovely new press is divine and I am falling in love with it!
It is pure joy to be able to print from home with a sleepy cat at my feet and warm light coming thru the windows.

I am preparing for an upcoming show (September 12th it opens!) and I am trying to pace myself for it; as I love the rush to a deadline, but I also dread it. I hope to make this a lovely collected chaos for myself.

Postcards go out soon, and in this day and age of "evites", I still relish in sending out cards via post!
I had to budget for the postage, so not everyone I have on my list will get a card, but I hope to still inform everyone of the show one way or another.

I have been working on a theme for many months now and I will be displaying my newest work in this show. Both my solarplates and cyanotypes can be seen.
Larger scales and new images.

back to the press, and watch for more information soon.

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Hurray! Can't wait sugar!


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