Thursday, April 18, 2013

This is your past calling....

I was moving stuff and unearthed a box of old photos.
Among the treasures I exhumed was a postcard I sent myself.
Yep, I am that person....I send myself a postcard the last day of the journey telling myself how I was feeling at that moment or what I had learned.
It arrives days after me, and usually just as the "paradise is fading from my memory" and I am getting back to reality moment.
I wrote this to myself back in 1997
I read it again today with a smile on my face as this is what it says:

Well- here I am and there you are- two way different places-but still one person. You can depend on yourself- and know how long and short time can be, hours, days, months. Feet are tired, ankles sore- emotionally exhausted. but-in a sense a bit afraid of getting into a groove-becoming set in my ways again. Remember movement-simple movement. walking barefoot-walking the dog-motion is what you need and know that returning can be just as good as coming- the swing is in your heart- you have the ability to come and go and don't let that be taken away.Continue to say what you feel. Be aware of what you need and tell him- don't back down as you wouldn't want him to do.and make art-your soul needs it. Send slides-invest in yourself and enjoy time. Don't wait for it to pass (as I am doing now) be loving-take another chance and give it. Know that you are a strong-confident woman-keep that damn smirk on your face. Keep them wondering.

I am so glad I sent myself this is like a pocket mantra.

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