Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oh the things I have seen!

Recently I have had the ABSOLUTE privilege to be able to see
some inspiring works of art.
Candy for my eyes and and heart...
On the 4th I attended first Thursday in Santa Barbara and I chose two venues to visit.
1. the Architecture foundation to see the work of Leslie Lewis Sigler
(sadly I didn't write this fast enough and now her show is packed away)
I find her work is so refreshing and clean and warm and it invites you in....there is a familiar sense that makes it wonderfully comfortable to spend time with.
2. I went to see the newest adventure at Sullivan Goss: 
JUST BETWEEN US: Wesley Anderegg, Rafael Perea de la Cabada, Maria Rendon
On Exhibit from April 4, 2013 through June 2, 2013
Curator Jeremy Tessmer selected an amazing collection of contemporary artists and the result is magical and alive and mysterious!
I was only able to get a couple pics as I found myself lost in the work, when I did remember to take a picture the place was crowded with new energy and excited visitors!
"tight rope" and "Matador"
by Wesley Anderegg

a small selection of ceramic platters also by Mr. Anderegg

Encyclopedia Series 1 A to Animal Life
by Rafael Perea de la Cabada
(He painted directly on stretched book covers)

detail to show the texture of the surface....luscious

Sadly I wasn't able to get any images of Ms Rendon's is breathtaking and check out the link above to view proper pictures.
Then this week I was able to see another true treat for the eyes!
I attended a private small viewing of SWARM at LotusLand...
I had read a lot about the show HERE and HERE so I was quite excited to have the chance to see it in person. I attended with a woman's art group I am part of and it was such an amazing treat!
I felt like quite the VIP being able to view the work so intimately
*click on any of the images for a larger version*
The group was asked to enter via the private back entrance,
so I got to stroll the grounds a little bit before getting to the meeting point!

the room where we met, the main house and first exposure to the work of Penelope Stewart
with her giant handdrawn Beeskep
Ink on Japanese rice paper

here are two smaller versions and a black glass moulded one
the lines were so beautiful !

One of I several Cynthia James paintings...lovely! 

Stephanie Wilde's work " Golden Bees" was intricate and highly detailed, so much so, we were offered magnifying loops to view her incredible brush work.
She uses a single hair to was much like a sand mandala for me.
The ability to see single grains to sand
So beautiful and meditative

detail through the looking glass

more detail for another work

Ethan Turpin and Jonathan Smith's bee cell room
 and Rose-Lynn Fisher's electron microscope photographs
illuminated under spot lights

inside the cell looking up with some fellow art and bee lovers

the full installed Penelope Stewart beeswax room
1000lbs of wax was used to make this room
the different colors reflect what the bees were feeding on, as wax was shipped from all over the united states
You can read her process HERE

detail of the reproduced tiles and pineapples
So inspiring and so alive, I think this year will offer many surprises in the art scene.
I am very much looking forward to seeing new works from friends and creating some myself.
You still have time to see  "Just Between Us" and "SWARM" (the garden is not too shabby either)
 if you are able, I whole heartily endorse it!

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