Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Thank you so very much for the birthday wishes!

It made me feel warm and remembered and loved, oh so loved!

My birthday was spent with family Monday night, we shared a meal and some laughs and mostly talked about this and that.
The following night I went to a concert with my hubby, to see this fantastic band:
Chris Robinson Brotherhood

We stood right at the stage and made eye contact with them, it kind of freaked me out a little.
It was like entering such and intimate environment and not really knowing these people. Everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves and the music was great.
Amazing people watching too....
My hubby and his friend have gotten tickets to all the performances that they are going to do in our town. So this was their third concert at this venue.
The first person that caught my eye was a lady that had parked herself in front of Chris Robinson's microphone, well before the concert was due to start. Hubby said she had been at all the other concerts too, and liked to dance in front of Chris Robinson all concert long...some call her a groupie, some an exhibitionist but I would like to think that she really likes the music and wants that intimate experience all to herself.
Once the concert started she did kick right into gear and the sexual energy off that woman was CRAZY no wonder my hubby and everyone on stage remembered her.
I had secured my spot right next to hubby, with some space to spare..but that didn't last long, as there was some subtle nudges from the tall pretty lady behind me, who wanted my spot..but I didn't bow and stood my ground, much to her disappointment.
As I have mentioned before,I am obsessive with not loosing my hearing so I wear earplugs,
one of the many benefits to this allows me to hear all the lower conversations that others can't without the plugs.
It fed me well at this concert; I could here the flirting conversations coming from a couple on the other side of us, I could hear our friend singing along to the music, I could hear the guy behind telling his friend that he wants to learn how to play guitar like that!...and after the concert I could hear and not have to scream my conversations.

Not only did I love watching all the beautiful people, but I also saw a real live movie person there...
I turned into a little giddy girl and nudged my hubby on spying him. I was giggling and trying to act cool...but I have no poker face for these things.
In fact when I saw this person, while working at a local bookstore I went pale, stuttered my "can I help you find anything" and backed away. Like I had seen a snake or something...he found it quite amusing.
At the time it made me want to die, oh my gosh

I watched Mr. tall dark and handsome for as long as he was in my sights and then went back to watching the band, you know the reason we were actually there....

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French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

Sounds like a nice way to spend the evening out! :-D



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