Monday, April 25, 2011


1972 waiting for the party to start

Today is my a kid it was a BIG deal.
My parents felt it was a big deal, my grandparents felt it was a big deal...
so I too learned it was a BIG deal.
I had elaborate home thrown parties, thanks to the handiwork of my parents.

I was told I needed to invite everyone in my class,
so often times 30+ kids would show up plus family!
Homemade cakes, pinatas, coloring and screaming like a banshee
was always part of the fun.

My parents kept this pace up from my first to my 18th birthday!
After that things became more and more refined...

There were less people at the parties, but more deliberate moves:
surprise guests, surprise locations,

My parents have even managed into my adulthood to continue to surprise me...
when my birthday fell on workdays I would often try and take them off...
but when I couldn't
I would find that my parents had written happy birthday along my path in chalk!
Literally stopping and writing it in the road along the way to work

When my hubby and I married, he freaked out at my first birthday...
I mean he had a TOUGH act to follow.
He often goes white around this time of the year...he is not one for surprises for himself,
but knows I really enjoy a good rattle...
so over the years he has gone well out of his comfort zone to make my birthdays special.

I have never been away for my birthday, I always make sure to see my parents and thank them for being who they are and encouraging me to be anyone I dream to become.

I consider myself more then lucky.
I am so truly and amazingly honored to walk thru life with these people.
Our mutual desire is to make each other happy and celebrate this crazy time we call life!


Colleen said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Heather said...

Happy Birthday!


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