Friday, February 18, 2011

Murdull the Magnificent

Murdull Turtle 1989-2006

Beloved Miss Murds left us back in 2006 after a long battle with kidney failure.
She is still often thought of
sometimes seen as shadows around our home still.

Miss Murdull was a lovely little lady, who was social, patient and kind.
She was a wonderful company keeper and companion and loved a good car ride.
She was the widow to Egon, her life long companion, and mourned his death for a good 6 months.

She was a wonderful napping friend, as not only would she keep me warm and well protected, but her impression of a motorboat via her loud purr was often a lullaby for many of us.

Murdull loved the sun and was known to spend long hours on the patio stretched out on her woven grass mat soaking in every ray she could.
When not sitting in the sun, or napping she was a chatty kitty telling us many stories and listened with much interest in others tales.
She would often remind us what an excellent mouser she was and how she caught many a rodent in her hayday! She also enjoyed petting goldfish
Never one to be told what to do, she was instrumental in making sure Bo dog (my brothers dog) was in line to her needs and maintained respect for her authority.

Today we remember her and send sweet love her way, may you always have warm sunshine on your belly

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