Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sylvia White Gallery Tonight

click picture to see the entries

Be A Saint Art Auction with Sylvia White:
"As a show of support to further our commitment to Ventura: California’s New Art City, Sylvia White Gallery is proud to continue the tradition we started last year, with our second annual Valentine’s Day, Be A Saint, ArtAdvance.  This unusual event will include a juried art auction.
Each artist selected by the jurors, will be entered into the ArtAdvance Lottery.
One lucky artist will be the grand prize winner, picked at random to receive $1000 cash.
The number of $500 winners will be determined at the event, depending on money raised."

I have a piece in this show, and both hubby and I will be there to root it on.
Hopefully tonight it will be a in a bidding war

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