Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I am also in a constant state of research, stretching my brain in any new way....looking for new ideas and emotions to explore. This often requires trips to the local library and bookstore!

I love these trips and dream of a huge wall of books that are always changing and growing!

I found an amazing book on papercraft called: Papercraft Design and Art with Paper

What an amazing book!! Visually stunning and contemporary and INSPIRING!!

it was a great escape, even when I got a paper cut across my knuckle closing the book!


All was made well with the world as a trip to the local ice cream shop made the boo boo disappear.

I love my date nights, hubby always knows the right thing to do.

Slowly but surely I have been tackling items on my constant "to-do"list
(slow and steady wins the race right?!)

This last weekends big promise was to conduct my Solarplate workshop!
Happy to report: Mission Accomplished!

A beautiful day was had and successful images made from start to finish.
I was even able to help with an impromptu small edition of hand pulled cards.
After the four hour workshop, I ate some amazing oranges and drifted into a lovely nap on the couch.

I did a lot more printing this last week and have found that I am slowly but surely building up some work that has been hanging out in my head.

So one less thing to be thinking about at 3am.

With some feline company I was able to make an edition of my newest linocut and finish the prints for the others. So full editions are now on hand.

New solarplate work is being made, mostly with my show in October in mind.

Next big build is Artwalk, a booth at the Earthday festival.

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