Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Banner Day

I am quite in love with the Tibetan prayer flag, in fact so much so that I have many of them.
I love the idea that the wind carries the printed prayer to the heavens.
Mother Nature interacting with the flag allows for something mystical to occur....I hung many flags while traveling and was thankful for every step that allowed me to to be that much farther from home.

Then I got a job.....
I worked in a cubicle and barely ever saw the sun in the winter, or felt the wind on my face until way past dark. I missed watching those flags move all day long, like a giant fabric caterpillar.
So I got creative...
I made little flags for indoor travelers, armchair travelers, or dreamers.
My flags can be hung in a personal indoor space....above your bed, in a dorm, in the office or the kitchen. Wherever you want to be reminded of what lays outside the door when you can't get away.

Handmade paper, handprinted images, waterbased inks, and cotton thread.
Nothing is more natural then that.

Coming soon to my Etsy store

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