Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Two birds

While my father-in-law is spending one on one time with my husband I have been able to sneak away and spend some me time the studio this week. It has been wonderful and quite productive too!

I enjoy the time with relatives but also feel pulled to continue my work routine, so I consider myself lucky to have done both this past week.

I have successfully made and inked my largest plate to date a 5x7 solar plate...I know that doesn't sound so big, but considering that I only get one shot to make the image and that the plates run about 10bucks a piece, getting a successful image on it is a true gift!

The sun smiled on my plate perfectly and I was able to get all the depth and detail I had hoped for and then some.

The divine joy of lifting the paper to reveal the image pressed into it, is still sublime!

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