Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Little bit of this and that

Me: What cha doing today mom?
Mom: I am just going to piddle around the house.
Me: Um, Mom do you know what piddle means? It means pee...
Mom: ha, No I am not doing that, I am just finding things to do around here.
Me: OK, I just wanted to clarify.
I am trying some advice on for size to see how it feels.
In my effort to be a better me, find my way in this crazy world and try and not let shit get to me.
Every time I sit and talk with other Artists and creatives I always ask how their day is framed.
It is a way to see how the day starts and the creative process creeps in.
Some have very structured schedules:
between 8 and 9 I do this,9 and noon that, etc...
Some start with house errands, or a list of deadlines...
Interesting enough, almost everyone I have spoken to that works from a home studio says
"I take the dogs for a walk and my day forms there"
Well, I don't have dogs, and I can fairly certainly tell you my cats are not big motivators for extreme walking...
"hey you, lady, come feed me so I can settle into a nap"
So this morning after feeding the cats and making sure their lives were attended to,
I went for a walk.
Just until I broke a sweat, and then I would head home.
(small steps, but with purpose)
I was out for about half an hour
I didn't get a lot of thinking done, just some ooh look at that cleared my head for sure!
I am going to try it again
maybe incorporate it into my daily morning routine...
it will keep me away from morning news and over time I am sure it will kick start the
list/organizer thing in my head.
On my way home I swung by the local small coffee shop for a bagel
$2.25: for a bagel, un-toasted in a bag, no cream cheese
I am still figuring out her price matrix for that one...but I was able to snap-up the last "power bagel"
well, I think she only buys I was lucky today.
I am currently printing...I am thankful for that.

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