Thursday, April 26, 2012

Post birthday

OK so I have really sucked at posting to my own darn blog...I am tired of saying sorry about it so this is my last time!
so there.
In the last two and a half weeks, my mother has essentially almost literally imploded and I was running back and forth like a crazed lady trying to keep things straight, keep myself emotionally in check, inform way too many people about every move via text messages,
and get some food and or sleep.
Yes, these were often interchangeable.
So now that the pace has slowed a lower humm of chaos. 
I am back at trying to tackle the lofty aspirations I have for myself and my art calendar.
Sadly, in the wild and crazy wind of it all, my birthday approached and
when it arrived yesterday I was spent.
I had nothing left for myself or to give to others.
This made me very very sad and I started my party early the day before
 by throwing myself a pity party.
After about an hour of crying, I pulled myself up by my tattered and worn bootstraps
 and got myself out of the house.
My goal was to get hubby a CD that he really wanted.
I was grumpy still, not totally happy with my choice to leave my own party early...
As I was driving to the shop, via side streets (just to keep me out that much longer) the car in front of me slowed WAY down for what looked like a little leaf in the road....well when I saw three men standing on the sidewalk watching, I pulled over. It was not a was a baby possum!
the smallest little wild thing I have seen in a long long time!
not the one I saw but just as cute and small
These men, stopped traffic in one direction and I stopped it in another, and slowly and lovingly escorted this little lost baby back into the garden it had wandered from.
It was a good deed, we were all very happy to see it waddle back into the undergrowth of the urban garden and hopefully tell the tale to its momma there.

At this point my mood shifted totally. I didn't want to go back to that stupid was silly
I stopped at the overloaded and sensory overwhelmed beauty supply store and
I bought myself a bottle of the liquid gold that seems to tame the mane, I only buy once a year:
$20 a bottle for conditioner seems too much
so instead I buy it once a year and ration it out

After that I bought some brownie mix and headed home to eat some leftover Chinese food and bake brownies for work. Hell, if my birthday was gonna suck, it was because I was gonna let it.
I would have none of that.

When the sun finally came up, well actually, when the alarm finally went off (far more accurate)
I made some "I am awake sounds" to let hubby know...once he made his, he grabbed me and said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY...that made me smile and then I sang at the top of my lungs and much to the cats disapproval this song that was playing on the clock radio:

This act had us in hysterics in moments....
it ended up being a quiet birthday. A vast vast change from years before when there was usually a party or loads of friends. But it seemed fitting, I was emotionally spent and it was about all I could muster. As I am now in the day after birthday reflections, I am very thankful for my hubby who wrote me a crazy romantic love note on facebook which just about knocked me out of my family who loves me dearly and the friends who took time to wish me a happy birthday.
I really really am OK...a little shaky at times, but it is gonna be another exciting journey around the sun this year!

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nicoleciomek said...

So glad you were able to turn the day around for yourself! Sometimes a quiet day after a lot of craziness is the best. And yay for helping little animals out of the road. Glad you indulged and bought yourself something nice and you and your hubby had laughter.


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