Friday, January 14, 2011

So far this year....

I took a whole week away from the machine shop to work on my work!
It was a promise I had made to myself as well as much needed focus time, being that the holiday season is over (still haven't made our yearly card, oops) and there is a TON of chocolate still in the house (bad considering I was aiming to go vegan this year)

Let's start with a surprise my beloved made happen for me, I have been working in my "studio" for over two years now with no overhead lighting, I have a floor lamp and a little full spectrum light to help me see at night when I do lino or whatever, but all in all I am really not able to work in the room at night. It ends up being fine for the most part but with my constantly growing list of goals the daylight needs to last a little longer for me. Well my sweetie, had a day off last week and treated himself to a new guitar toy that I have been begging him to just get already! After picking up his new bells and whistles, he stopped and got me a gift too! 
When I came home he told me " I can't keep a secret from you" and gestured over to his new guitar toy....I was so happy for him and he showed me all the sounds it can make. Then he turned and was standing my my studio door and said " I can't keep a secret from you" and opened my door to reveal:
What an amazing surprise!! I was crying I was so happy. 
I love my man

The week off started with me making some new plates in the shy sun, it was great that the sun was SOOO unpredictable as it allowed me to see how little sun I needed to make plate. I was taking risks and they paid off. I made four new plates!

the sliver of sun that allowed me to make the new plates

curing the first plate in a sunny window

These new plates allowed me to finish a submission that I had promised to Fairbanks Gallery,
and as soon as the ink is finished drying I am shipping them off! (hopefully tomorrow)

Listen, photopolymer etching
edition of 15 for Fairbanks Gallery
2011 Cascade print exchange

I also completed some new plates with some images I could not stop thinking about. My work does that to me, it haunts me and flashes the images over and over again in my leaves me feeling propelled to make it and I find myself shifting things in my life to make it happen.
Laundry, who needs clean shirts when I have art to make!

Fueled by a constant supply of leftover holiday chocolate and I am not even a chocolate fan like that, I feed on what is available when I work so unfortunately it is an easy source of badly chosen food options.

I had a pretty productive week:

of the three times I left the house this week, one of the times I
got a new set of PJ's that make me feel like a 40's moviestar
they were $4
Love the white piping and pearly buttons!!

I did some new TTV photography!!

Theo doing his vampire bat impersonation

pulling new work off the press, color images to come soon
they are still unnamed so I am not ready to show them in their glory yet.

FINALLY turned the soil in the gardens, mind you with a rototiller that died mid-way, but I am planting food later today, so soon I will share growing food pictures.

oh and I found out that the article that Society805 did with me just before my solo show, was the most read Arts and Culture article for 2010!!

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