Sunday, August 8, 2010

Out and about

A futile try at getting Silversun tickets...I should have taken this as a sign

I am totally absorbed with preparations for my upcoming show and haven't really taken a breath of anything other then work. I am pretty stressed and lost at times in the details involved with the upcoming shows.
I have to remember to take care of myself...
So when a friend called on Friday and suggested I break away for a little bit...I jumped at it.

We visited our friend Lynn LeTourneau at her studio in the Bell Arts Factory
She is making wonderful new paintings!

 by Paul & Leighton Roux

Note green sculpture in the corner is a REAL person and scared me a little.
Ok a lot

We checked out the work on display in the
community gallery at the WAV

No fun night out would be complete without a little craziness!
We ended the night at the CANDY SHOP smelling sweet sugar and buying silly treats.

Saturday was a bike ride to the beach
The ocean marine layer was thick all day and made my newly shorn hair extra crazy curly!

My nephew showing me how to nap like a champ!

So today I am still grinding away, finished another linocut for the September group show and working on some new details for my show in October.

The weeks are passing quickly and time is ticking fast...I am trying to enjoy the ride as I take antiacids and eat a bland diet for 14 days....another example of why you need to take care of yourself.

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