Thursday, August 26, 2010

The First Buzz.....

Cherry on the cupcake!

For my upcoming solo show I started sending out press releases last week. Not only was it a great exercise on how these documents were written, but it allowed me to focus on what the show was saying.

As my show is about my/our infertility, I sent a few press releases to some of the blogs that I read.
When we found out that we were facing a childless life 5+ years ago, I went searching on the Internet for a family, a community of people like me. I came up blank...blogs were new, the search engines were not as powerful as they are today and so I found myself alone in the vast sea of overwhelming information from the clinic.

Today thankfully I am not as alone in my personal journey. There are many women and couples dealing with infertility and coping with it in many different ways. I found my tribe.

Today Life Without Baby has mentioned my upcoming show!
Lisa Manterfield has created a wonderful community and a safe place to express what it is like to be childless either by choice or circumstance. A big round of applause to her and the many members!
We are all still learning but we are all brave and strong in our journeys.
Thank you Lisa, for including me and helping me spread the word.

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