Sunday, July 25, 2010

A new Ink Friend

Emerald Bay at Dusk by Michelle Murdock @ Quail Lane Press

I took a little break last week to get some R&R with the hubby....we went to join some friends at the Serene lakes in Northern California. It was heavenly...
Before we headed up I did some research to find out who was making what, up in that part of the world and found the AMAZING printmaker Michelle Murdock
Feeling a bit like a mild stalker we made plans to attend Truckee Days this last Thursday and meet her.
We were not disapointed, while my hubby bought some homemade pie to take back to our friends at the lake I met the talented artist!
Her booth was overflowing with color and beautiful images!
Michelle makes work about the enviroment that does not harm the enviroment!
She works in Linocut and Letterpress and often combines them both!
Being an artist who loves to find new non toxic processes she was a new friend in the printmaking world instantly.
Michelle produces her prints using a a small rotary press in her studio on Quail Lane on the west shore of Lake Tahoe. A lot of her prints come out of her daily life in Tahoe-Taking walks with the dogs and looking around the forest at the trees and birds. She uses the reduction method which allows her to create multiple color editions with a single linoleum plate.

We were lucky enough to purchase a Lino poster that she had for sale, that I had also spocked out in the Etsy shop and now it hangs in our home!

I love her work and am so glad that I went to the art fair to meet her, it had me buzzed for at least an hour afterwards. It is thrilling to meet another printmaker, another woman printmaker at that!


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