Sunday, July 18, 2010


Special order for "dinner party" cards

I have been seduced by linocut...I love to make them!
I love the process of carving and then after hours and hours of chipping away at time little bits of linoleum it is time to ink and see the image come to life....magic I say.
So when it was time to settle in and think what I was going to contribute to this years Inkspots Director Series Folio...Linocut was the first thing that came to mind.

We are a group of 12 women and this year 8 of us are participating in the folio.
We try and create a folio to accompany our annual show.
We create a limited number of folios and then package them all together and sell them at the show.
The buyer gets an example of each artists work all packaged up into a pretty presentation package.
This years show is in September and called "Think Ink!"

The show will have work from each of us as well as the folio.

This years folio is going to be less expensive but just as impressive, each of the artists are talented in their own right and we all have VERY different styles so it makes for a great show and interesting art.

I wanted to make a linocut that reflected a memory from childhood...
I created "A Stitch In Time" two color linocut with sewn detail.

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