Thursday, December 3, 2009

Working like a crazed woman...just look at my hair!

At least it feels that way....Once I finish one thing I am onto the next!
Watch out I might start throwing cats soon....

Today was finishing up some of my scrabble tile photo necklaces:

I am partaking in a holiday craft/art fair at my hubbys workplace and wanted to bulk up my stock on these plus they are great fun to make!
 I have others currently being sold in a shop downtown...leaving me low. I will also be selling some framed and matted photographs and printmaking as well.
Mostly, I am looking forward to not take home as much as I am bringing.
 I am wanting to make another donation to Heifer Intl and "mama needs some printmaking paper"!!

In other art news:
I dropped off two pieces to a new co-op style gallery in Summerland, CA
Montecito Frame and Gallery

My dance card is filling up quickly and I feel so lucky for it!

Super great things are bubbling and I am enjoying this ride...If only I can figure out how to add a few more hours to the day!!

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