Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Digs!

It has been many years since I have had a space of my own to make art.
Many times over the years it has been a floor in my bedroom or a space in a room.

Not until recently have I had a nook of my own, I had what use to be the kitchen eat-in area. I used up every bit of space...often times spilling out into the kitchen and living room.

Now I have a whole room with a door that closes and no distractions! Well, not real ones like a TV or a kitchen sink filled with smelly dishes.

It was the purchase of the press that took me over the edge, and now after a week of hard work and sweat, I have a versatile open, bright room that I can make art in!

There is still room to grow and I have filled this room with all things wonderful and artsy. Next I think is shelves...but that can wait for now.

Off to make some art!

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