Thursday, October 10, 2013

A photo montage

There are too many new changes,
and not enough energy to write about them all,
so I will explain as best as I can in pictures:
this is still one of my favorite things to do

my page for a collaborative book, hidden in the background is a mantra:
"the loving are the daring"

Xander will always pose for the camera he is showing what a hot day it was

Theo is camera shy, this is a favorite place for him to nap we call it the bucket
You have to use WHOLE eggs in matzo ball soup or it will look like this
I went to printers fair and drooled over letterpresses

I won an award

I got to burp my niece, see how scared I look.
She was kind enough to spit up on me just so I could get over my fear of being spit up on.
Reminder to not sweat the small stuff

I am still doing yoga, I can almost do floor bow like this...
except this isn't me and my boobies are bigger

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