Friday, September 7, 2012

Lovely Blog Awards

I am so lucky to know so many amazing and interesting people!
I feel honored that I have received this Lovely Blog Award.

Per the conditions of winning this I am suppose to reveal 7 random things about myself, and pay it that is what this post is about!
Super fun

My 7 random things:

1. I am incredibly superstitious. So much so that sometimes I will not let you say certain things at certain times. See I can not even tell you what that is and why! See, I have incorporated this so well into my life that I barely know that I am doing it anymore!

2. I often have the desire to honk at random people for random reasons. I drive a lot and often times when I pass a car that has someone picking their nose, or talking on the phone or if someone is just walking down the street I want to honk my car horn at them. It is like the least used thing in my car... I barely use my horn. I wonder if anyone has ever had to replace their horn from overuse?!humm

3. I LOVE the smell of wet earth, maybe it is from all my gardening, or that it evokes childhood memories, but I find it so very comforting. If they made a spray of that smell I would spray it on my pillow so I could smell it as I drifted off to sleep.

4. I am convinced that there are ghosts in my house. I wake up almost every night thinking that someone is in my bedroom watching me sleep.

5. When I get dressed up, I spend a good bit of time putting on make-up (this might be because I really don't know how to do it so I am teaching myself at the same time) and then after looking at myself, wipe it off with my hands leaving my face in a state of half made up/ half back at square one.

6. I watch home shopping channels to see how people talk for so long about light bulbs or other things like that. I am training myself to be able to talk to anyone about anything!
7. I sometimes can not see the defining line between people and animals and so when I look at animals, like baboons, I only see a being, no different than you or me. It is amazingly beautiful when it happens. It is like seeing a rainbow appear.

image via Flickr
I have had to adjust the conditions a little to maintain anonymity of my gifter (per their request) 
So I am going to give BIG shout outs to some amazing blogs that are well worth reading: 
Here are the blogs I read the most/ favorite blogs:
Such beautiful writing,
like a combination of dreaming and deep thoughts with sweet swirls of humor and whimsy:
A wonderful working artist friend, her blog is an inside peek at her studio and work.
Always interesting and colorful:
 Eden always has me laughing. She is the Guru that started NaBloPoMo many moons ago and
got me to try blogging more often and with purpose:

Love this blog, everything is pretty and snazzy, it is wonderful eye candy and has GREAT tutorials:
Casey's Elegant Musings

Another dear friend- we all love supporting those dream chasers and makers!
She is a talented painter AND a talented graphic designer too
Monteve Clay's business and soon to be arriving blog:
Spider Monkey Design
send her some love

OK until I get a new bee in my bonnet that is today's post!
Love them all!!


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