Thursday, August 16, 2012

Breaking the streak

Dublin, Ireland 2012

I have not had my morning/afternoon/nighttime cuppa tea in over a week.
It was not a conscience decision, I just kinda stopped cold turkey
when my cold parked itself in my head.
So this last week had felt strange, like I am forgetting something.
Hubby said I have broken my habit, that the first three days off caffine are the hardest.
I haven't had headaches or been itchy...but I have missed it.
Mostly the ritual of drinking a hot yummy cuppa in the I was telling my insides to wake up or something.
Well, today I am meeting a friend for tea...I am going to have a cup of chai
I feel kind of bad about it, like I am going to dive into a guilty pleasure knowing that I am going to fall into the deep end of the pool and allow myself to float down to the bottom slowly and ever so effortlessly...but I am also so looking forward to it.

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