Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend of color

I actually had an amazingly productive weekend!
It has been far too long since that has occurred and I don't want it to stop.
Here is a visual montage:
I did the walk for First Thursday and saw the SB Museums exhibits
this exhibit as well as a lovely collection of Van Gogh to Munch
some of the work I was lucky to see in other venues overseas in years past.
None the less it was a wonderful visual treat.

Saturday was spent exposing new plates while hubby saw the latest Sci Fi movie that
I had no interest in.

We sampled out first Beignets from a new local Cajun/creole restaurant

Breakfast was hidden under mountains of powdered sugar!
Sugar comma was soon to follow

Local agriculture museum

the reason for visiting that little museum,
An amazing painter that I have been following for years
and her lovely work
pretty horses, pretty horses

The remainder of the day was spent printing an edition that is traveling back east.

Ahhhhh Heaven

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nicoleciomek said...

looks like a fabulous weekend filled with lots of awesome things :)


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