Saturday, February 4, 2012

Down for the count....

So Hubby was sick earlier this week, now it is my turn....I am feeling less then at full speed so I have been watching a bunch of movies!
Being sick on the weekends seem to be how I roll, which really sucks because it is also when I am suppose to be working in the studio. It requires all my focus and energies and being sick drains all those elements and simply has me sitting her trying not to beat myself up over not working!
it is a no win situation.....

In the last 24hours I have
I watched the whole first season of Downton Abbey last night (thanks to movie streaming)
Today I watched the first episode of Mad Men wanting to get into that, but all I got was incredibly frustrated at how sexist it was...I blame it on the patience.

Then two documentaries

and then
and Note by Note about making Steinway pianos

I have also napped a bit and ate some veggie sushi thanks to hubby

Ugh colds suck...

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nicoleciomek said...

Hugs! I hope you get to feeling better soon.

And yeah, try to give Mad Men another chance when you are feeling better. The sexism is really overt, but the show is really great. (and you end up seeing that all these sexist men, are really clueless & lost).

Oh, and I too love Downton Abbey!

So good!


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