Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Year

laughing my jetlag away in the Monster Truck Gallery

Ok so I suck pretty bad at keeping up with the posts this year so far...I plan on changing that...I have loads of plans for this year...but it seems like I am a heavily laden bird trying to run fast enough to take off...but finding myself exhausted before gaining enough speed.

I have spent some time at work today looking at due dates for submissions and wondering
 "when can I sit down and get cracking?!"

We have just returned from a HUGE trip abroad, because of an exhibition I got into...and now I have literally THOUSANDS of images to go thru...I took pictures of EVERYTHING
I am wanting to work in the studio for days and days but work is a reality I can not ignore.
Here I am a week after returning feeling overwhelmed by my reality obligations...
and in this same week I am also attending funerals...two this week.
Heartbreaking and heavy with emotion and reflection.

So forgive the false start, or delayed inspiration...but I will be back soon

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