Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain Day

It has been raining for three days straight now. It is quite a strange event here in my part of the world.
People don't know how to drive, streets flood, the waves are huge and to top it off, there have even been tornadoes!

This all means nothing to the cats except that the thunder is very upsetting and the patio is wet.

I finally got the final pieces of my newest lino cut carved today...I am very much looking forward to inking it up and seeing it come to life. It is from a new series I have been working on and there will be many more to follow. I just needed to get over this bump, and get it completed.

In between the booms of thunder, the flashes of lightning, the tornadoes and hail we had a good day.
Some of us were more productive then others.

Look at that warm fur...all curled up on his Popeye blanket.

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