Friday, October 3, 2008

New workspace and new work

Well it has been quite an exciting time for me, creatively speaking.
I have been accepted to a local printmaking group, Inkspots.

This exciting news allows me a place to print on a flatbed press and work with other printmakers in a creative and supportive environment.

Super exciting and a big personal step for me, as this now means I am an artist with a workspace! Aside from my kitchen table!

I took this photo of the work area yesterday when I signed the papers of rental agreement.

As for other news, I am currently working on some new images for solar plates; class has started again, giving me the ability to use the press in Santa Barbara as well as experiment in a classroom setting and not be afraid of "wasting" valuable art supplies.

Here I am working on one of my newest ideas:
One of my solar plates was even featured on a website!
Here is the link:

New images coming soon to the shop and some of my photographs will be for sale REAL soon.

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